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Communicating Status of your devices


Filter by communicating status


See last known location and last communication sent


Favorite Devices

This is how we show your devices’ LOKAtion.

You will have access to GeoLOKAtion information, both outdoors and indoors, without  requiring a GPS.

GeoLOKAtion is based on the Sigfox technology and  Wi-Fi sniffing, enabling unparalleled low power, with a wide communication range.

Each LOKAtion is composed of a coordinate (center point) and an accuracy radius, meaning the device is inside the green circle.

You can see your device location in a given time range, or choose to see just the last known location using LoKa MIND.

Easy. Intuitive. Flexible.

Here is an example of Notifications that you can configure, in order to receive alerts.

You can configure notifications for every device sensor: temperature, movement, voltage and the device location – Geofencing.

With the Geofencing functionality, you can receive alerts whenever one device arrives or leaves a given area (eg. your offices).

An other example are the Temperature Notifications you can receive.

You will define that you want to be alerted every time the device registers a temperature above 25ºC.

In the image beside you can see you have received a notification because your asset’s temperature reached 30ºC. And that notification was closed when it regulated back to 25ºC.

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We are hardware agnostic!


LOKA Device Manager API

Allowing third party platforms to access historical data information from messages and notification; list of entities and entities IDs; users and entities creation; device configuration options, such as notification, operation mode. New API documentation available in a main menu section.

Manage IoT devices other than LOKA

We’ll create a different hardware template, just send us the device information and message details, including: message decoding; sensors; notification sources; configuration of downlink message generation.
images (1)

Configuration and Management of additional sensors

We have made available (in the Sensors tab of the Device configuration page) a simple and useful functionality, that enables you to easily add and configure any analog or digital sensor to your LOKA devices. Add a new sensor and its description, port number, type, conversion and unit.
images (2)

Configure notification for additional sensors

It is possible to create notification associated to every sensor individually. So now you can also set notifications for Battery Voltage and even the new ones, if you add a new one.

Key features

User Management

In your entity you have several users of the LOKA Cloud. As there are new people to manage the devices the Entity Admin can create new users.

Chart View

Every sensor your device has is producing information that is also presented to you in charts.

Export Data

Apply filters and export to excel or pdf format all the information contained in any list. That can be a list of: entities, notifications, devices, messages, sensor data, etc.

Alerts Configuration

If you want to be notified when your assets reach certain location, or moves, or achieves certain temperature , it is all configurable. And you can choose to also be alerted  e-mail.

Device Information

You can access your Devices status, Location, temperature, movement, status

Geolocation services

We have developed our own algorithm for geolocation.


You can create reports on your device and device profile ativity and then export them.

Bulk provisioning and editing

Select all the devices that you want to edit at the same time.


For each device you can configure more then one separate zones by drawing them on the map or indicating coordinates.

Device Configuration

Depending on the business asset you install you device and what you want to monitor you can configure it.