The LOKA PRIMIS is focused on asset tracking, that is super accurate with its geoLOKAtion technology.

To help manage the LOKA PRIMIS device, access to the LoKa MIND IoT Cloud Platform will be provided.

Connectivity :   Sigfox, WiFi, Bluetooth  

Sensors :   Temperature and accelerometer. (Optional: GPS, External Temperature sensor)

Expansion :   – 24 pin header – Breakout board – SDK 

Batteries :   2 x AA Alkaline / Lithium / Rechargeable Lithium 

Dimensions : L: 92mm; W: 35mm; H: 26mm 

Characteristics :   2 Analog IO lines 8 Digital IO lines  UART / Serial Port (AT commands available); Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n transceiver 3D Sensor , Magnetic Sensor , Temperature Sensor Input VCC: From 1.8V to 3.3 V. 

IP Certification :   IP65 

Sigfox Regions :   Available for  RCZ1 | RCZ2 | RCZ4


The LOKA NEURON is the BRAIN at the center of all LOKA devices


The BRAIN of YOUR Sigfox IoT Devices.

Easily develop your own Sigfox IoT devices with the LOKA NEURON as the BRAIN at the centre of your solutions.

Just add a Circuit Board, Antenna, Power and a Case… SIMPLE !

Connectivity :    Sigfox, WiFi, Bluetooth   

Sensors :    Temperature and accelerometer.

Features :  Power: 2.4 to 5.5 V | Ports: Analog Input / Output, Digital Input / Output, SPI, UART | Geolocation algoritm for Wifi, BLE, GPS | Rules Engine for sensor monitoring, logging and data offload

Dimensions : L: 23mm; W: 19mm; H: 4mm

Sigfox Regions :  Auto switch in all RCZ Regions