Complete Solution

Includes the device, the GeoLOKAtion service and the cloud based IoT platform


LOKA devices sensors do readings of the surrounding environment, and data is then transmitted to the platform according to your personalized notifications using Sigfox connectivity

The data can be anything from temperature and battery values, to movement detection, and geoLOKAtion information. It’s also possible to add extra sensors.

In order for this multitude of devices to remain relevant and secure, over the air firmware upgrades are an integral part of our IoT systems.

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GeoLOKAtion is a WiFi technology based localization service, based on cloud technology which takes WiFi Access Points information sent by your devices and returns Latitude, Longitude and Accuracy..

GeoLOKAtion benefits from a totally seamless integration to your system, with very simple configuration.

The GeoLOKAtion service shows 95% of the locations below 100m accuracy, performs auto learning and we provide to you an app to realizae local scanning to be able to increase your accuracy down to 10m in key locations.


IoT Cloud Platform

LOKA’s IoT Cloud Platform is LoKaMIND with advanced management functionality:

– Device provisioning and configuration;

– Real time Temperature, Battery and geoLOKAtion information;

– Dynamic notifications;

– Multiple Geofencing areas configuration;

– API for 3rd party devices and applications;

– Able to support other devices other than LOKA;

Why is LOKA your IoT solution?

LOKA - Battery - Site

The combination of Sigfox and WiFi require less power for communication and geoLOKAtion, enabling LOKA’s devices to use 2 or 3 AA batteries that can last up to 4 years.

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Combining innovative approachs in the  hardware with Sigfox network highly affordable communication plans and WiFi geoLOKAtion, enables substantial savings on the devices acquisition and operation.

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LOKA’s proprietary geoLOKAtion is accurate to less than 30m in outdoor urban environments and less than 10m indoors unlike GPS, unable of indoors accurate operation.

LOKA - Temperature - Site

The devices are constantly sensing the environment temperature and is able to transmit the temperature variation over a Sigfox message.

The devices could also be configured to send alarms when the temperature becomes higher or lower than a certain threshold.

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Helped by the internal accelerometer, devices can be configured to send alarms if a certain threshold of impact or movement is exceeded. 

LOKA - Gear - Site

LOKA’s devices includes digital and analog interfaces for integration of different sensors.

On board, there is a button possible to be used with different form factors.