What is the LOKA Partner Network?

The LOKA Partner Network is the global partner program of entities that want to give conscience to assets. Its focus is to spread LOKA through the world.

LOKA Partners are meant to be focused on building successful LOKA businesses or solutions. You can register for the LOKA Partner Network to be a LOKA reseller, distributor or a system integrator.

As a LOKA Partner you will reactive full support so customers can have the best support too. Through this Login Bottom on the Right Partners will access Technical, Sales, and Marketing resources designed to help optimize and grow businesses.

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Why become a LOKA Partner?

Enter the new, vast, and untapped global market of the Internet of Things. Get your business up and running, taking advantage of our know-how, resources and technology. Let’s grow together.


Differentiate yourself from your competition and LOKA will help you reach out to customers. We want to help your customers, by enabling testing and implementation of IoT projects that will save them money, optimize operational processes, and provide them with an overall visibility over their business. LOKA is committed to support you, so you can better support your customers.


The LOKA Partner Program benefits will enable Partners to drive demand and boost lead generation, through joint development of sales and marketing efforts. Benefit from our expert market opportunity insights and guidance, and increase your expertise.